What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s?

What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s? Your Ultimate Guide

As a popular fast-food chain, Culver’s is well-known for its ButterBurgers and frozen custard. However, for those seeking vegetarian options, this guide is here to help you navigate the menu and find what’s vegetarian at Culver’s.

What's Vegetarian at Culver's?

What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s?

Culver’s Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Menu ItemVegetarianVegan
Grilled Cheese SandwichYesNo
ButterBurger Cheese (no patty)YesNo
Crinkle Cut FriesYesYes
Mashed Potatoes (no gravy)YesNo
Side Salad (with vegetarian dressing)YesVaries
Frozen CustardYesNo

Vegetarian Appetizers and Sides at Culver’s: What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s?

Culver’s offers a variety of vegetarian appetizers and sides:

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich: A classic American cheese sandwich served on a toasted bun.
  • Crinkle Cut Fries: Culver’s signature seasoned and crispy crinkle-cut fries.
  • Mashed Potatoes (no gravy): Creamy mashed potatoes without the meat-based gravy.
  • Coleslaw: A blend of cabbage and carrots in a creamy dressing.
  • Side Salad: A mix of fresh greens and vegetables, customizable with your choice of vegetarian dressing.
  • Applesauce: A sweet and smooth applesauce made from 100% US-grown apples.

Vegetarian Entrees at Culver’s: What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s?

While Culver’s is predominantly known for its meat-based options, vegetarians can customize some menu items to create a meat-free meal. For example, you can order a ButterBurger Cheese without the patty.

Vegetarian Desserts at Culver’s: What’s Vegetarian at Culver’s?

Culver’s offers a selection of frozen custard options that are suitable for vegetarians:

  • Vanilla, Chocolate, or Flavor of the Day Frozen Custard: Creamy and smooth frozen custard in various flavors.
  • Sundaes, Shakes, and Malts: Customize your dessert by choosing from a variety of toppings and mix-ins.
  • Concretes: Frozen custard blended with your choice of toppings and mix-ins, creating a thick and creamy treat.


While Culver’s may not have an extensive vegetarian menu, there are still a few options for those avoiding meat. By customizing certain menu items and opting for the vegetarian-friendly sides and desserts, vegetarians can enjoy a meal at Culver’s.

Always double-check with the staff at your local Culver’s to ensure ingredients and preparation methods meet your dietary requirements.

What's Vegetarian at Culver's?
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